Ventilation Tips For Nail Technicians

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Important Ventilation Tips

Ventilation is a very important factor when working as a Nail Technician. Always work in a well ventilated area. This is one of the most important safety issues for all Nail Technicians.

Before you start a nail business, either in your own premises, at home, or renting space at a hair salon, beauty salon or nail salon, it is vital to make as many safety precautions as possible. There are many vapours, fumes, dust etc that can be ingested not only by you but also by your nail clients and other workmates in the area. While it is very important to protect the nail client in all circumstances, I feel that because they are only there for a short time, it really is you, the nail technician, that needs the most protection, as you are in the environment for long periods of time.

The small area in front of your mouth, about a 12 inch space all around, is the air that we take in as our breath on a daily basis. Your health and safety depends on this small area of air.

Ventilation in your workspace can be achieved by a number of methods. Firstly, if you are in a position to be able to afford it, a ventilation table is perfect. These are specially designed for Nail Technicians.It has a device to suck the dust and vapours away from you. It is located in the middle of the table directly under where you are working. Great to have but they do cost so if you are a sole operator this may be out of your reach. The next way would be to have some sort of ventilation device near the table to continually suck away the dust etc. Over the years I had a few different salons but one in particular that I had was great because it had a front and a back door. So on most days we could leave them open and a beautiful breeze went through the entire salon and flushed out the fumes etc. Of course this was not possible in winter when it was minus 4 degrees some mornings!

Acrylic liquid vapours, nail polish remover vapours, acetone vapours etc, can all be reduced if a few simple rules are followed.

  • Make sure the products have tightly fitting lids-and they are on
  • Have your dappen dishes/monomer containers covered
  • Avoid pressurised sprays and aerosol, as you cannot control the amount dispersed or where it goes.
  • Empty your waste bin often-this is the easiest and best way to reduce smell!
  • Dust masks-these are readily available at suppliers and are available in a couple of different styles to suit you and your needs.
  • Ventilated nail desk or suction device to pull dust away from in front of you.

Smells and odours are not the only way to monitor the safety of the nail salon you are in and to ventilate. While odours and naildust are a problem, there are also odourless substances that will still create dangerous vapours in the air.

So be safe, and practise nail salon procedures to deal with all vapours and dust- The obvious and not so obvious ones.

Happy nailing :-)


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