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This time of the year seems to be when a lot of advertising is done by businesses to attract clients and more retail trade. We are inundated with advertisements on television, radio, internet and of course the letterbox!

After 28 years in the nail business, I have to say that while a bit of local advertising does get ‘the word’ out that you are in business, the best form of advertising that gave me the best results and most success from is referral business.

In the Nail Industry, I believe the best form of advertising is still WORD of MOUTH.

Putting a word of mouth strategy in place will mean that it is your clients doing your marketing for you, not you! A good word of mouth strategy can double the size of your business each year.

When a regular client refers a new client to you, you not only have a new client, but another new referral source! If you started with one client who referred you two people, and then those two new clients referred you 2 people each, you would have 6 new clients. If those 6 new clients each referred  2 people to your salon,  that would be 12 new clients and so forth!

The best part about Word Of Mouth advertising and referrals is that the new client is already confident about you and the excellent service you provide as it was a friend that referred them!

Want YOUR Nail Salon to have full appointment diaries next year? I would suggest you could start to put some strategies in place to ensure that your referral programs are exciting and definitely bring in the new clients! For free without advertising!

Happy Nails :-)


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